Clip In Hair Extensions

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Q. Why should I try clip–in hair extensions?
A.  Below are 10 compelling reasons why you should give them a try and stop letting celebrities have all the fun.

1. They add glamour, fun and excitement.
2. They are affordable and you can do–it–yourself.
3. It is the safest method of hair extensions (no damage is done to your hair).
4. Get thicker, fuller, longer hair without commitment.
5. Change the colour and texture of your hair without commitment.
6. Provide protection to your natural, growing hair.
7. Quickly and easily provide style without hassle.
8. They are easy to maintain and look natural.
9. Because you always want to change–it–up and be adventurous.
10. Because no one will know your little secret.

Q. What are hair extensions? Image
A. Hair extensions are a technique of adding hair that is not your own onto your own hair. This is achieved by different methods (Clip–in, Weaving, Braiding, Bonding, Strand by Strand, Latch hook etc.). All types, except clip–in extensions, should be put in by a salon professional for best results. Clip–in extensions can be done at home in minutes.

Q. Will anyone know I am wearing them?
A. No one should be able to tell. Choosing the right colour and wave pattern is important. With the right application you will know they are there but no one else will.

Q. What is a weft?
A. A weft is strands of hair which have been sewn along one edge to create a line of hair. Generally, many wefts of human or synthetic hair with pre–attached clips make up your extensions system. Each clip–in extension weft is sized for placement on a different part of your head. The Hairdo line uses a one piece, multi weft system for quick application.

Q. Can I brush my hair while wearing clip–in extensions?
A. You can brush your hair lightly with your extensions in. However, if you brush them too hard you may pull them out of place.

Q. What are the types of hair extensions? Image
A. There are many different methods in which you can wear hair extensions. These are the general terms the industry uses to represent the process.

1. Weaving: A process in which you create tracks on the individuals head and sew the hair extensions.
2. Braiding: A process in which you add hair extensions by braiding them in.
3. Ring – X: One of the new processes in which the metal ring is already on the hair ready to attach.
4. U–Tip, I–Tip: A process in which "U" shaped glue is already on the tip of the hair ready to attach.
5. Hot glue gun method: A process in which the extension hair is attached directly to your own hair by heated glue stick.
6. Bonding: A bonding glue is brushed or applied onto the weft of the extension hair and then it is applied at the root of the individual's hair.
7. Clip-in RECOMMENDED: A process in which the extension hair is pre–cut and has clips attached on the weft to clip on and off to your own hair. It is very simple and easy to wear. You can put it on or take it off yourself without costly, damaging glues and salon appointments.

Q. What kind of hair do you use?
A. Synthetic hair fibres are made from patented synthetic fibre that replicates human hair with undetectable precision. Human hair products are made from 100% fine human hair of various grades or quality.

Q. How long are the clip–in extensions?
A. We carry extensions from 10" to 23". It's easy to add length and volume with the longer extensions systems. Hairdo's short extensions systems can instantly transform longer layered hair into a shorter bob without cutting any hair for exceptional versatility.

Q. Can hair clip extensions slip out?
How do I attach the clip–ins to my natural hair?
A.Most clean hair holds extension clips with no problems or slippage. Finer or thinner hair may need to be backcombed at the clip site to give a little more grip for the clip's comb.

Q. How do I blend my colour?
A. Colour rings are available in salons that stock HairDo™ products.

Q. Can the clip–ins be cut?
A. All extensions, whether synthetic or human, can be cut. However, we recommend that all extensions be customised by your salon professional to match your hair and meet your style expectations. Synthetic extensions should generally be cut with a razor to add layering or fringe around the face, due to the denure of the fibre. Clip–in extension systems are designed to look great as–is without a lot of cutting or customization.

Q. Can I use a curling iron on my extensions?
A. Human hair products can be styled just like your own hair with heating tools. Only synthetic extensions specifically designed for use with low heat tools can withstand extreme temperatures. Check whether your product is heat–friendly.

Q. Can I sleep in clip–in hair extensions?
A. We do not recommend sleeping with your clip–in hair extensions in your hair. Careful treatment is essential to extending their wear life and beauty.

Q. Can I swim in clip–in hair extensions?
A. Do not swim in your clip-in extensions.

Q. How do I care for my clip–in extensions? Do I take them out when I shampoo my hair?
A. Yes! Synthetic extensions should be washed with products specifically formulated for synthetic hair goods. Human Hair extensions should be washed with products designed for chemically treated hair. Both need to be dry before storing.

Q. Can you get an up-do with hair extensions? Can you see the clips?
A. Extension clips are very small and placed close to the head where you should not be able to see them. Most systems can be put in to accommodate any hairstyle and are virtually undetectable.

Q. How long does a set of extensions last?
A. With daily wear, most synthetic extensions can be expected to last at least a year or more and human hair lasts much longer or even forever if it is cared for correctly. This is dependant on proper care and storage.

Q. Will the extensions fall out?
A. No, they will not fall out of your hair. If they are pulled, they can slip down a bit, but with one hand, you can reach under your hair and open and re–snap the clip. Most clips used on the various types are designed with a rubber coating that provides an additional non–slip surface to secure them to your hair. Also, you can tease the hair where you wish to apply the clip to create added security.

Q. I heard that synthetic hair comes from horses. Is that true?
A. No. Synthetic hair is just that – made from manufactured materials, many of which are patented synthetic fibres that replicate human hair with undetectable precision.

Q. Can you use clip-in hair extensions for every day life or just for parties?
A. Clip–in extensions systems are so user friendly you can wear them all the time. Why not be more beautiful everyday? With minimal practice, anyone can put in their own extensions in minutes.

Q. How can I store my clip–in hair extensions so they stay nice?
A. Keep your extensions clean and dry when storing them. Storing the extensions in a plastic bag will help keep them fresh and ready to wear. With Human Hair extensions worn wavy, keep the desired curl pattern by setting the hair on rollers that conform to the curl size before storing. A good rule of thumb for washing your hair extensions would be to wash them when the fibre begins to look dull. Try to wash them as infrequently as possible. Synthetic products should be washed every 4–6 wearings, and human hair should be washed every 3–4 wearings. These figures apply to every day/all day wear of extensions and not to special occasion or infrequent use of extensions.

Q. Is there any way to curl extensions made from synthetic hair?
A. The monofilament fibre used to make synthetic extensions has a "memory" which means it maintains its wave or curl, texture and volume, requiring minimal upkeep. Since the synthetic hair in the Jessica Simpson Hair Extension range is not heat friendly, heated styling products should not be used.

Q. Hair extensions and airport security: Will the metal clips on the hair extensions set of the metal detectors in an airport?
A. They shouldn't. The clips are very small and coated.

Q. Will extensions damage my natural hair? Does it hurt? Will it pull my hair out? Will my new hair feel heavy?
A. No. These extension systems are designed to be lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear. The clips are strong but gentle and with proper application will not damage your real hair. Always unsnap all clips before removing an extension weft to prevent pulling.

Q. When you say 10" wide, does that mean the width of the piece, or the length of the hair?
A. The width of the weft is along the top, on the clip edge. So a 10" weft is ten inches wide at the base that attaches to your hair around your head. The length of the hair is the overall length of the hair from top to bottom.

Q. How long will it take to add extensions to my own hair?
Do you have to go to a salon to get them put on your hair, or can you do them yourself?
Are they hard to put in? Do I need help putting them in?

A. Clip-in hair extensions attach to your own hair without glues or braiding. If you can put a barrette in your hair you can do them yourself. With minimal practice, most systems can be applied in 5–15 minutes.

Q. Are hair extensions suitable for Asian hair?
A. Women of all ethnic backgrounds can wear hair extensions. You can create highlights and lowlights without colouring your own hair with hair extensions.

Q. Can I use extensions to add texture or colour to my hair?
A. Yes you can. If you want dramatic highlights, you can achieve the look you want by adding extensions with a blend of your natural hair colour and a lighter colour, or you can add wefts of a lighter shade to your hair that blend with your hair to create a highlight effect. If you are looking for a wavy or straight texture to contrast with your hair, you can either flat iron or curl your natural hair and add extensions with the desired texture.

Q. Can I colour my extensions?
A. You can colour human hair extensions. However, human hair extensions have been previously treated and chemically processed. It is not recommended to lighten or lift colour from this hair. If you must colour the human hair extensions, we recommend purchasing the lightest colour offered and using semi–permanent colour to deposit only. Synthetic hair extensions cannot be coloured.

Q. My hair is wavy; will the clip–in extensions work for me?
A. Synthetic clip–in extensions come in straight and wavy in a myriad of colours. Human hair can be heat–styled like your own hair to blend seamlessly. The clips-in extensions work on all hair types and there is an extension system for every woman.

Q. How many clips are on each extension?
A. Each system has enough clips to hold the extension weft in place without putting stress on your natural hair. Smaller wefts may have only one or two clips, while larger wefts and multi weft systems use many clips.

Q. How are the clip–ins styled?
A. Synthetic extensions are pre–set either straight or wavy. Some brands also make heat friendly synthetic fibres for more versatility. Human hair extensions are as versatile as your own hair: curl, straighten, spray, or style with your usual styling products.

Q. How much do they cost?
A. Synthetic extensions are very affordable. They allow you to try out different hairstyles without much cost. Human hair extensions are made from 100% fine human hair and cost more than synthetic. Human hair extensions last much longer than synthetic and are much more versatile in styling.

Recommended retail prices are below:

10” and 15” - R855-00

22” and 23” - R969-00

21” human hair - R4,560-00

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