Great Lengths Hair Extensions

 Hair extensions can be woven into your existing hair to lengthen, thicken, and add texture and style to your hair. Up to 60% of additional length can be added. It is a good solution for filling in thinning hair. You can change the existing colour of your hair with highlights from the extension. There are up to 50 colours to choose from. It is an easy and practical procedure which takes up to 6 hours to complete a full head. The hair extension will last as long as you take care of them usually fo r4 to 6 months.

Extensions are an investment and you need to care for them. Take the time to learn about the in's and out's of this service and you will have a very satisfying experience.


How does it work?

First a consultation is done by a certified extension stylist during which the client's hair is analysed. According to the style, thickness and client's needs the colour and amount of extensions are decided upon. The extensions are then attached to the same amount of hair in comparison to the size of the bond.

Do hair extensions damage your hair?

Frank Fowden's hair extension technician makes use of the Great Lengths hair extension system. Great Lengths make use of a patented bond, which is activated by a heated applicator that bonds the extension to the hair. Because of the similarity in the molecular composition of the bond to that of the natural hair structure, no damage is caused to the hair.

How should I take care for my extensions?

By following the recommended maintenance follow-up programme (between four and six weeks) the condition of the hair is maintained. A professional ph-balance shampoo and conditioner does not only protect the bond but also enhances the superb quality of the hair.

If I'm losing hair, should I use hair extensions?

This depends on the reason for the hair loss. Extensions are ideal for adding volume to naturally thinning hair. Frank Fowden does not recommend that extensions be used for hair loss due to illness.

Are the extensions visible?

Frank Fowden's hair extension technician always applies the extensions behind the hair line and away from the natural partings. The hair extensions are colour-matched to ensure a natural blend with the individual's hair. This ensures a virtually unnoticeable result.

Do extensions pull your hair out?

Great Lengths' hair extensions do not add sufficient weight to your own hair to cause the hair to be pulled out.

How long can you keep one set of hair extensions?

Between four and six months providing one goes for the recommended maintenance check up and the individual's own growth cycle. Ongoing results are also possible by replacing untidy bonds with new ones after three month, called  top-up' services.

How much will it cost me?

The cost varies from R2,000.00 for basic volumising for thinning hair, for instant length or a complete change of style a consultation and quotation will be nessesary.

How are the extensions removed?

Frank Fowden's hair extension technicians can easily remove the extensions, without causing any damage, by using the recommended Great Lengths removal solution.

Features of Great Lengths:

  • Hair extension
  • Hair thickening
  • Highlighted effects
  • Different and increasing colours
  • 5 standard lengths: 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm and 60cm.
  • 8 crazy' strands: blue, green, yellow, violet, red, pink, orange and dark orange
  • 6 pastel strands: light blue, pink, peach , yellow, light green and lilac
  • Strands with rhinestones in black, red and blond hair as well as blue, red and clear rhinestone.

For further information contact Frank Fowden Hairstylists on (021) 419 3186/7.

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