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Both men & women lose hair for similar reasons. Hair loss in men and women follow a pattern of hair loss which has been termed “Male Pattern Baldness” and “Female pattern Baldness”. This loss is caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

DHT is the resulting product of direct contact between the enzyme 5-alphareductase, found in the skin and the scalp, with the hormone testosterone. DHT binds to receptor sites on the scalp and hair follicles and interrupts and interacts with the normal chain of events involved in continual healthy , hair growth. Nisim Shampoos and Stimulating Extracts have been scientifically proven to safely and effectively control both surface and dermal DHT with regular use.

Many of the hormonal changes which women experience throughout their lives can result in hair loss. For example, some woman lose hair after a pregnancy, during menopause or other hormonal imbalances. Hormonal changes can cause hair loss by directly affecting the cells responsible for hair growth or by affecting the level of nutrients to the follicle. The hair follicle cannot maintain a healthy
growth cycle without the proper nutrients. It may even eventually fall out and die.

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